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Introduction to a new unique academic opportunity
Cushite Hebrew Yeshiva(CHY)-Open International University(Originally Cushite Hebrew Yeshiva), was founded by Rabbi Dr. Shalomim Y HaLahawi in 1999 as a Non Profit Mizrahi Jewish Theological Seminary. Todah it has evolved into more than just a religious theological institute. The vision of the Board of Elders, under the Auspices of the Mizrahi-Ethiopian Jewish International Rabbinical Council, has expanded the Yeshiva to become a global partner in providing state of the art dynamic academic, humanitarian, leadership and religious education via a network of colleges, universities & academic institution world Wide. CHY has become the world’s leading Open International Virtual distant learning & apprenticeship organization and global study centre working in collaberation with various foreign government licensed & recognized Universities, Colleges and Institutions of higher education to provide affordable low cost academic opportunities for disadvantaged and impoverished peoples, in Israel & the diaspora, in order to provide opportunities for empowerment and enlightenment to the nations.

Our goals is to offer flexible, high quality certification, diploma & degree programs using the concept of distant learning, competency based and hands on apprenticeship in order to gain practical skills for religious, socio-spiritual political, vocational and technical studies and holistic
healthcare studies

Understanding Distant Learning Apprenticeship

CHY-Open Int'l University offer more than just online or correspondence courses in that most of our religious, clinical & technical programs require licensed/ordained Spiritual Leaders, licensed/Board Certified healthcare practitioners, clinics and/or hospitals or Licensed Vocational Technicians, who are qualified to proctor, mentor and offer supervised hands on experience to our students, to be registered during the entire duration of the program of enrollment the student so chooses.  Our programs are designed to save students hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition costs. We do not charge tuition or per credit hour. We simply offer a flexible monthly subscription donation fee for the entire duration of the program(Preceptor fee's are additional and will be negotiated between the preceptor and student). Students can take as many courses as they want & finish early provided they are able to demonstrate mastery and exceptional competency in their field of study. Students will also have the chance to benefit from Dual enrollment with one of the Colleges abroad in which we are affiliated. Such Foreign Diplomas will be able to recieve Foreign Education Equivalancy to use in the United States and abroad

The College has partnered with multiple Government approved Universities, Colleges and Institutes Abroad who are apart of the International Academic Community in order to offer dual enrollment Diplomas, Degree & technical training programs at significantly reduced rates by up to 90% of the costs of tuition associated with tradition western academic institutions. However the quality of education is according to the global standards of higher education, giving those who are less advantaged and impoverished a chance to pursue their academic goals and trainings so that they can empower themselves, their families and communities.


College of Mizrahi Rabbinic, Theological & Pastoral Studies-click here
College of Hebrew Education & Administration
College of Humanitarian Integrative & Pastoral Medicine®-click here

College of Business Education & Leadership- click here
College of Judaic & Near Easternc Studies-click here
College of  Cultural & Life-long  Learning-click here
Ministry of Jewish Home-Schooling-click here
College of Media, Music & Performing Arts

Examples of Degree Programs:
BA/MA Jewish Studies
*BA/MA Near Eastern Studies
*BA/MA-Mizrahi Rabbinical Leadership & Hebrew Letters (Dual Bachelors/Masters Degree Program)-
  (with a choice of Chaplaincy or Arbitration & Mediation Concentration at the Masters level)
*BA Mizrahi Jewish Ministry Studies/BA Jewish Theology (Jewish Pastor, Jewish Maggid)
*BA Jewish Pastoral Studies (with Chaplaincy Concentration at the Masters level)
*AS/Diploma-Biblical Hebrew-Aramaic Language Literacy Studies
*BA/MS-Jewish Education & Administration
*BB/\MBA.J-Jewish Business Administration(MBA.J)/Executive Jewish Business Administration (E-MBA.J)
*BA/MA Jewish Non-Profit Management
*BA/MA- Organizational Leadership

*BA/MS.Business Management & Jewish Leadership
*BS/MS-International Jewish Leadership & Diplomacy
*AS/Certificate Business Education (Associate of Science or Certificate Program; Customer Service, Human Resources, Entreprenuarship, Business Management)
  (High School students 11th-12th grades are eligible to enroll)
*BA,MA/PH.D Hebrew Education (Majors: Early Child Hood, K-12, TESL, Hebrew Language, Theological Studies, Science, Hisstory, Jewish Law, Biiblical Studies,
  Health Education, Psychology
*MSW/PC- Master of Social Work & Pastoral Care
*BA/MA,Ph.D Pastoral Psychology, Pastoral Psychotherapy, Clinical Pastoral Mental Health Therapists, Clinical Pastoral Counseling,  & Integrative 
  Pastoral   Psychiatry(for healthcare professionals)- (with Chaplaincy Concentration at the Masters level), Clinical Pastoral Crisis Counselor(with concentrations in
  Drug Alcohol & Addictions;   Domestic Violence; *Community Conflict Resolution; Suicide Prevention/ Home-land Security)
*Post Graduate Diploma- Rabbinical & Secular Family, Divorce & Business Mediation & Arbitration
* Post Graduate Diploma-Conflict Resolution
* PhD. Jewish Talmudic Law, Ph.D Jewish Law,
* Ph.D International Diplomacy & Jewish Law; International Relations & Jewish Law; Human Rights & Jewish Law

Integrative & Pastoral Medicine (Doctor level Studies for Healthcare Practitioners):
a. /Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Yoga Science/Doctor Ayurvedic Medicine 
b. Doctor of Integrative & Talmudic Medicine or Doctor of Integrative & Pastoral Medicine
1. Doctor of Talmudic Medicine & Public Health Education
2 Doctor of Talmudic Medicine & Nutrition
3. Doctor of Talmudic Medicine & Naturopathy
4. Doctor of Talmudic Medicine & Homotoxicology
5. Doctor of Talmudic Medicine & Family Life Care
6. Doctor of Talmudic Medicine & Integrative Pastoral Psychiatry/Psychotherapy
c. Doctor of Pastoral Medicine & Public Health (concentration in Talmudic Medicine, Oriental Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine or Naturopathic Medicine)
d. Doctor of Eastern Medicine
e. Bachelor/Doctor of Humanitarian(Missionary) Medicine & Public Health 
e. Doctor of Integrative Pastoral Care- with a concentration of 
choice(i.e. Pastoral Psychotherapy, Nutrition, Holistic Medicine)
F. 125 Hour Pastoral Medicine Certification for Healthcare Professionals seeking Pastoral Medicine Board Certification & Licensure via American Association of Integrative & Pastoral & the National Commission-Apprenticeship & Certification Board of Integrative and Pastoral Medicine

4 year Bachelors of Hebrew Midwifery & Natural Medicine /BHM-(NM) & Doctor of Practical Hebrew Midwifery & Choice of Medical concentration (i.e. Ayurvedic Medicine, Talmudic Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Oriental Medicine or Public Health/ DPHM-(ND)/DPHM-(OMD)/DPHM-(AM)/.DPHM-(Hom)/DPHM-(PH)-Leading to eligibility to sit for the NARM Exam(North American Registry of Midwives) to become a Certified Professional Midwife(CPM) and at the Doctorate Level to apply for Certification via the American Association of Integrative & Pastoral Medicine as a Licensed Practical Hebrew Midwife/ Lic.PHM.D

Mizrahi Jewish Adult Studies & Life Long Cultural learning:
A. Cultural & Ingraftment educational programs
B. National Mizrahi Jewish Hebrew Home-schooling Yeshiva & 
Association (K-12)

Future Technical Diploma Programs including:
a. Fencing Apprenticeship Program(Jax Fl)
b. Edenic Farming & Hebrew Law
c. Edenic Culinary Arts & Cooking
d. Edenic Beauty Therapist & Spa Technician
e. Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Rapid Response in 
Humanitarian Medicine

And much more will be developed to bring forth dynamic Academic Enlightenment & empowerment to birth the reality of a global civilization and kingdom without borders
Certification, Diploma, Associates Degree, Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree, Doctorate Degree, Ph.D Programs

CHY-OIU works in affiliation and networking with numerous global International Colleges, Universities and Institutes to offer undergraduate and graduate Business, Leadership, Technical, complementary and integrative medicine Diploma's, Certificates and Degree Programs via our concept of Distant Learning Apprenticeship, affiliated study sites and/or traditional classroom learning. Fulfilling the role as intemediary, credit bank, and supervising and documenting apprenticehsip education and clinical training according to establish academic standards,  we provide resources to advance the educational opportunities for the less fortunate and to provide quality competency based learning at affordable costs..   

Students participate in hands on clinical skills training, which may include local or distant learning apprenticeships and may be assigned to participate in humanitarian medical outreach programs as part of their training and developement.
We aim to be a global leader in evidence and faith based Integrative healthcare education. Putting the Eternal Creator first in all of our endeavors to inspire the world in returning back to the Edenic Covenant where Naturalism as a lifestyle is fostered for health and life!!.



*Charted by the Mizrahi Israelite Int'l Rabbinical Council (Ha' Yisrayli Torah Brith Yahad)

*United Nations Academic Impact(Pending)
*United Nations Global Compact

*United Nations Deparment of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA)

*Apprenticeship & Certifcation Board of Integrative & Pastoral Medicine

*International Association of Educators for World Peace

*Global Unification International
*Pastoral Medical Institute for Sickle Cell & Thalassemia Disease

*Pakistan Skills Development Training Council (Modern Institute of informatics and Management)

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