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Terms of Admission

*For Certificate Programs, you will be allotted up to 12 months, for Associate Programs, you will be alotted up to 3years, for Bachelors degree programs, you will be alotted upt to 6 years, for Masters Degree Programs you will be alotted up to 3 post graduate years & Doctorate degrees you will be allotted 3 post graduat years to complete the program. There is no penalty for complete your program early.  All apprenticeship programs must be on a schedule time & must be completed within the time-frame alotted. 

**What is an Open University?
The goal of open universities is to offer everyone equal opportunities to develop their abilities, to improve their level of education and to retrain for a potentially new career. The term open university usually refers to a university with an open-door academic policy, i.e. no entry requirements. That is why open universities are usually ”open” to all students. The initial thought behind open universities was to make higher education accessible for everyone. For example, this means that you might be accepted even when you do not have a certificate from secondary school.

Open University vs Distant Learning University

Open and distance learning universities both offer online degrees, but they have different degrees of openness to candidates.

Basically, open universities tend to accept any student, with no age limits and no prior education requirement. In some open universities, students cannot complete a degree, but the credits they earn can then be transferred towards an academic degree.

By contrast, distance learning universities have entry requirements similar to those of traditional universities and they guarantee that you will earn an academic degree provided you fulfil the course requirements.

***Tuition Subscription Financial Enrollment
with the exception of Certifcate programs, Enrollment into the Yeshiva requires an annual subscription, which can be prepaid in full or paid in monthly installments. The annual subscription is due in full whether a student completes the full year or not, as once a student enrolls within a course and after 14 days of initial enrollment, the student is responsible for the full year subscription. Some program(i.e Naturopathic, Nutrition, Hebrew-Midwifery, Pastoral Medicinee etc) down-payments may include dual diploma fee's for the issuing of a dual diploma, upon successful completion of the program enrolled, from our affiliated accredited colleges, academic institutions & universities collaberating with our University. For study programs that require preceptor/apprenticeship to obtain practical, technical & or clinical skills training, the down payment may also include the preceptor fee's (negotiated by the Yeshiva with a qualified government licensed/registered preceptor registered with the Yeshiva). In some cases, due to geographical location & limits, students will have to obtain their own preceptor, who is qualified to register with the CHY-OIU & agrees to to supervise & provide apprenticeship for the student to gain practical/clinical skills training throughout the duration of the program(Preceptor fee's are seperate from Annual subscription & Dual diploma fees).

After your initial down payment*, your debit or credit card will be automatically billed 30 days & each month thereafter. No need to worry about missing a payment! When you have completed your program, your card will no longer be charged. You will have 14 days to try out CHY-OIU. If you decide the program is not for you, we will issue 80% of your subscription downpayment(20% retained is a administrative loss fee). After your initial month, upon the 1st billing cycle no monthly subscription fees will bed refunded after the 3rd day of each billing cycle, If you decide that you want to cancel before the year end subscription, you must cancel within 72 hours of your next billing cycle. If you cancel before the next billing cycle you’ll pay nothing further for the classes you have accessed. If you have paid your down payment & annual subscription in full up front, you will recieve a prorated refund for the months left of the subscription, minus the 20% downpayment adminitrative loss fee.

*free trial does not apply to conversion program

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