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- Comprehensive Wellness Profiles & Assessments
National Telemedicine services available!!!!

Advance Clinical "Concierge" Integrative Healthcare Services
CLIA Laboratory ID No. 11D2003757

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Leviticus 17:11 "Life of all Flesh is in the blood".
Your blood is the key to understanding every aspect of your health status. it's the channel in which all communication exists in regards to every organ in your body, head to toe!! Your blood cries out & speaks about you! Why not listen to your blood speak? We offer National licensed Lab work for Comprehensive Wellness profile.

Get answers & a thorough evaluation & health education in regards to your Wellness concerns from a expert of Integrative Pastoral MedicineĀ® and Pastoral Counseling/Psychotherapy. You may schedule for our National Telehealth consult & "Comprehensive Wellness & Health Education Assessment"(Video Conference or Phone). Simply select and pay for the service you desire below or call us.

We offer a unique private virtual office Integrative & pastoral health education experience. We follow all HIPAA, public health, Federal, State, Local and Privacy laws. We use only modern updated advance state of the art assessment and health education techniques. We address all of our clients needs and concerns during your consultation. You will not be rushed. We give our clients up to 30 minutes(In Office 45 minutes) of complete attention for thorough pastoral Integrative health education assessment and consults. We cover all areas of clients physical health, mental health & spiritual concerns and needs. We respect our clients opinions and knowledge and give them the power to help implement the best effective & cost effective solutions that we offer according to their financial situations. We respect our clients spiritual and cultural beliefs and encourage them to incorporate their unique belief systems into their therapy plans as part of the Integrative Pastoral Wellness process. We provide comprehensive health and wellness education about our clients conditions & wellbeing. We pride ourselves on client enlightenment and self-empowerment so that you can experience optimal results and total healing!!

We offer self service here by downloading all of the required health forms after you pre-pay and select from one of the many services we offer below!!!

Note: Please call our offices before ordering any of the services below for prescreen instructions on which services you qualify for based on your health issues and history. You may also elect to recieve an Invoice via email to pay for services, especially for other services not listed below.

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Choose Integrative and/or Pastoral Medical Services(4.9% Admin Fee Applied ot rate)
New Patients & General Followup
(Contact our appt line for rates of other wellness assessments we have available. You must prepay for services before we schedule an appointment for you, no exceptions).

Women need a routine gynecological Wellness assessment, We offer Gynecology Wellness and Health education profiles & Support solutions for you via our affiliated services in over 46 States.

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Download All Wellness Forms Here.
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Health-Wellness  History Forms            

Consent & Indemnity Forms

Medical Release Forms

Medical History Forms(used only for Flu Pandemic)

Online Pharmacy: Please use Physicien PIN# to log in


If you have any medical files from a previous physician please make sure to fax them to our office before your scheduled appt: We only accept labs & diagnostics taken within the past 60 days from other Licensed Physicians. We do not accept lab tests from online self testing sites. No Exceptions!! If you do not have valid lab tests from a physician performed within the past 60 days, you will be required to have Labs as part of your comprehensive wellness assessment. Labs fees vary based on testings required. See and Select above for more info.

If you do not see a Health Profile that fits your health needs above, please call our office and we will send you an invoice via email for the appropriate Comprehensive Healthcare Assessment specific to your health needs.

*Comprehensive Wellness Assessment includes blood lab, urinalysis, heavy metal testing as apart of patient/client intake(in office visits only, virtual office includes only comprehensive blood lab and comprehensive consultation). The price online is only if client prepays for service before appointment. If patient only prepays for General Assessment & then chooses to add the Lab assessment during the visit, the online cost will not apply. A service charge will be added. Online rates are for online booking only. If client needs assessment for other health-wellness issues, please contact our appointment line for rates and we will send an invoice for prepayment. The reduced Physician assesment fee will apply when paid through invoice plus Lab fees

**All appointments must be pre-paid through our appointment line 678-909-4422 or online either through paypal or Betterfly link on our site. Online Reduced rates apply to pre-payments online only. Any pre-payments through our appointment line,  in office or mailed money orders for virtual office will be billed at regular physician assessment fee.

**The following states cannot be processed for Wellness Assessments- Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, or New Jersey

 As required by Law with all herbal supplements, we must inform you that these statements have not been reviewed by the FDA. None of the statements are intended to treat, cure or diagnose any disease. All statements on this page are for educational purposes only.

Disclaimer: our test kits are for educational and research only, they are not intended to be used to diagnose, cure or treat any medical condition.  Integrative Pastoral Medicine & Integrative Family Life Care should not be construed to be the practice of medicine that is regulated by State Medical Boards. Pastoral Medicine & Integrative Family Life Care is a pastoral healing service only.  By accessing this site or using any of our services, the user agree's & understands these statements & agrees to be bound by all the terms and conditions of Edenic Light Integrative Family Life Care.  All Rights Reserved, withou Prejudice


You do not need your medical doctor to order this test for you. Our practitioners has been approved by the lab(s) to order testing for people.


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Sample Wellness Profiles:
 Comprehensive Wellness Profile-
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Womens Health Check
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Womens-10 Comprehensive

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Mens 10 Comprehensive-
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Allergy  Food Panel
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Vitamin/Nutrient Profile-
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STD Information

 All Assessments are performed in CLIA Certified Labs, which are available in over 40 states. We find labs that are nearest to your zipcode for your convenience when using our National Virtual Pastoral Care services or Local office service. Once we have recieved the results, we schedule you for either in office visit or phone consult to discuss the results and what therapies are available for your optimal wellness.

We use only FDA Regulated Pharmacies and Homeopathic Prescriptions:

Edenic Light Online Natural Pharmacy
This is an online pharmacy for holistic non prescription healthcare products(Vitamins, Hair, Skin and Nail Care, Pet foods, Childrens products ect. Must be a registered client utilizing our service to recieve Physiciens Pin #.
Pekana Pharmacy
Advance Homo-Toxicology and Homeopathic Medicine Pharmacy. Requires Prescription
Complementary Prescription
Naturopathic Pharmacy providing FDA, NSF and cGMP Prescription Natural Medicines. Clinical research behind prescriptions and their effectiveness in Wellness and balance. Prescription only.
Craneherb Pharmacy
Pharmacy providing Innovative, advanced  Oriental Medicine prescriptions. FDA. NSF, cGMP & HIPAA compliant
Soluna Labs Pharmacy
Pharmacy providing Innovative Biological Medicine, Spagyric Homeopathic Medicine

  • Our Integrative Healthcare and Pastoral Care Specialties:

  • Primary Pastoral Care aka Integrative Family Life Care®

  • Integrative Pastoral Hematology & Oncology Health Education and Support(especially Sickle Cell & Thalassemia, Cancer(Breast, Prostate, Uterine etc)

  •  Integrative Health Education Support for Infectious Disease(HPV, Herpes etc)

  • Womens Health Education, Maternity Care & Pediatrics Support

  • Integrativie Mens Health Education and Support


 Integrative & Pastoral Assessments:  Support, Education & guidance in regards Gynecological Care, HSV II(herpes), HPV(human papilloma virus), Thyroid Dysfunction, Graves Disease, food and environmental allergies, high blood pressure, cholesterol, respiratory disorders, diabetic disorders, prostatitis, Alternative AIDS support,   Pastoral Naturopathic Psychiatry/Counseling,  Pastoral Maternity Wellness & care Support, nutritional support,   homo-toxicology(true detox) & lymph support, weight loss & vegetarian dietary guidance,  compromised immune systems(& infectious disease support), Pastoral healthcare guicance for sexual dysfunction, confusion & balancing, STD wellness assessments & prevention programs,    Education and gudiance in pharmacology & natural pain control, Naturopathic Pastoral Pediatrics support, spiritual guidance as it pertains to optimal health & healing.