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Please read our policies Download Medical and Consent Forms:

Note: please download and sign privacy policy, applicable medical forms, Both consent forms and release forms and fax or email them..all forms must be signed before we schedule an appointment!!!

Please note: All of our services are strickly Concierge. Please review this link to get a better understanding of what Concierge services are.

All services are based on retainer fee's, discounted annual membership or regular fee per visit, per consult, per contact bases in which you must pre-pay for consults in addition to any assessments & have any analysis work completed before the day of your appointment. Failure to pay for wellness assessment and analysis before appointment, will result in you having to schedule a 2nd visit and pay an additional follow up fee based on regular per office visit after assessment is completed.

We offer comprehensive pastoral therapeutic evidence based wellness plans to address & bring balance to a variety of physiological and mental health Imbalances. Each Therapy is based on sessions. 1 Session=3months (or 90 days). To ensure & enforce quality wellness protocols, All patients/clients must contractually commit to at least 1 session before any natural supplement prescriptions are authorized. All fees associated with each session must be paid, regardless if the client completes the session or not. We offer affordable payment plans. Fees vary per clientt & customized therapy plans will be discussed during Assessment visit.

Typical Budget: (for non members)

Service plans start at from 359.00 or from 125.00 for follow up

To Schedule an appointment only, please contact us: 

Please note: due to numerous missed or canceled appointments:


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To schedule appointments online & pre-pay

Effective 1/1/10: You must pre-pay for all assessment & have your anlysis work completed before the day of your appointment. Failure to do so, will result in 75.00 Surcharge for assessment result follow-ups. Therefore a analysis deposit is required before an appointment is scheduled(non-refundable if you miss or cancel your appointment). If you are not doing any analsis or assessmentsor wish to not pre-pay for comprehensive assessment, you must make a non-refundable deposit of 45.00 to schedule appt(No exceptions). Missed/cancelled appt. will result in deposit being applied to no show penalty fees(assessment surcharge still applies when non-prepaid). . All fees must be paid before services are rendered!

This ensures we are scheduling and setting aside our time to serve serious clients only. You are able to save more money and time, and faster service when pre-paid!!

Also to ensure we maintain Quality of service, clients have 30 days from their initial assessment to order or fill any herbal or other pastoral care prescriptions or therapy modules prescribed for your particular therapy plan. If client fails to be in compliance within 30 days, your therapy plan will be voided & you must reschedule an appointment to have therapy plan re-activated. While this may appear to be un-attractive to potential clients, we are confident that we offer some of the best Wellness solutions in the United States. We are a small practice with a big impact!! And we want you to be totally healed, Spirit-Soul and Body!!

 For security purposes, during Appointment scheduling you must provide ID info(social security # & state id #). We may request you to fax or email a copy to our office before appointment is scheduled: No exceptions!


Privacy Policy

Medical History Forms(used only for Flu Pandemic)

Medical History Forms            

Consent & Indemnity Forms

Medical Release Forms

For phone consultations please email to: or fax to: 1-866-357-6267

                                           Notice/Clinical Policy/Agreement

By using this site or any of our services, user agrees to be bound by the following terms & conditions

Undermining our privacy policy or organization lab accounts in order to obtain patient information(including providing false information, using our name falsely to create accounts in order to obtain information, taking any other herbal medicines, vitamins or supplements while under our pastoral healthcare, other than those pro-scribed through FDA/cGMP registered pharmacies that our association is registered with, or doing any other act which undermines our services or causes our service revenue to be lost due to deceit, fraud, cutting corners etc,  will void any guarantees of our service and may result in disqualification of our discounted Humanitarian listed service prices. That includes online or instore purchasing of the exact same medicines from un-approved herbal stores ect.

By using our services, you agree to be legally bound by all stipulations, including to back pay the difference between the humanitarian price you recieved and regular retail office price. We also reserve to pursue legal options to recover the difference as determined above. We also reserve the right to refuse further service for violations of our policies and not adhering to our guidelines for your optimal health. That also includes failure to take any naturopathic or homeopathic medicines as directed or scheduled(i.e. lapsing in refilling prescriptions in the middle of set therapy sessions).

Also effective 01/01/2012, All clients utilizing any of our therapy programs are contractually obligated to follow all therapy guidelines within the specified timeline instructed. 1 session = 3 months. Any therapy that requires refills per month and monthly labs will require client to refill on time each month. We will not extend any service contracts to additional months due to failure of taking prescribed herbal medicines, delaying starting your therapy and/or failure to contact us to schedule appts for the required labs. Any lapses of therapy during contracted months will void the entire therapy for that session and void any guarentees expressed or implied.
Labs prepayment
Any assessments that are prepayed are required to be fullilled within 15 days of reciept of Lab requisition from our office. If required labs are not taken as required during a particular month and time, that lab will be forfieted and no refunds will be issued. Any additional months required to obtain refills of prescription  due to delayed or lapse in taking required prescriptions past the 1 session will require a payment of an additional session(which is 3 months in full). We use prescription refills and due dates for labs and payments as apart of our monitoring to ensure compliance with our therapy programs. Not refilling on time indicates non compliance with therapy protocols. Your therapy session begins immediatly on the day you recieve your first shipment of herbal supplements as prescribed. Please note that, under payment plans that are contractual, you are responsible for the balance of the entire sessions you have agreed too, irregardless of whether you complete them or not. Any Severe Deliquent accounts that are not paid after we make efforts to contact you for payment will be sent over to an attorney for processing and your account will automatically incur a minimum 2500.00 Legal Fee, plus any additional penalties and fees for breach of contract. Breach of Contract will automatically void your discounted humanitarian price and you will be responsible for the defaulted difference based on the original retail fees as posted. Below. You agree to pay all attoneys fees, court costs and any unpaid balance remaining on your account. We explicity reserve all of our rights. Usage of our website and services in any manner constitutes acceptance of these terms and condiitions.

Default office visit: 359.00; followups start at 125.00


Our services are generously discounted well below the national average for comparable/equivalent health education services in order to be affordable for you as our client and we only believe in providing dynamic optimal pastoral wellness serives in accordance to quality industry standards. These policies are set in place in order to keep our Pastoral wellness & counseling services costs/fees at an affordable rate and to ensure we are able to provide top-notched quality Integrative Family Life Care® All of our Herbal, Homeopathic, Oriental  Medicines are through "prescriptions only" please do not contact our office asking for herbal medicines or medical/health or pastoral advice without a "paid" pastoral consultation and evaluation. We are a Professional Pastoral faith based Healthcare service and are not into the herbal salesman business. All financial obligations must be satisfied before services are rendered.

Once we receive the Consent  Pastoral health forms, we will email you and call you with an appointment and send you a consultation invoice through PayPal to your email address....


General Pastoral Wellness Assessment practice includes: basic physiological assessment, mental(temperament) and spiritual assessment, blood pressure, ph. balance, Heavy Metal Assessment, medical history assessment, comprehensive urinalysis, reflexology, health assessment addressing symptoms,  health status, dietary and herbal based prescription options, complete custom Pastoral health Education guide in regards to your specific health and wellness profile-

Note: All pastoral consultations include written comprehensive health, wellness, dietary & nutritional assessment results, explanations & recommendations. Any Homeopathic & herbal prescription recommendations will be listed in the form plus additional informative health information.



 (Herbal supplements, regimens, Therapy programs and other optional services additional)...

Note: We do not prescribe Allopathic Drugs (Rx) that are regulated by the FDA/DEA which requires a Licensed MD to prescribed. We only prescribe Naturally occurring substances that are available through cGMP/FDA registered Homeopathic, Oriental Medicine & Naturopathic Pharmacies.

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