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We are your Kingdom solution to "Concierge" Integrative Family Life Care®, Primary Healthcare & scientific evidence based Health solutions for the total man. We teach Innovative cutting edge scientific evidence and faith based natural  solutions for physical, mental and spiritual health for optimal balance and longevity. Internationally we provide effective Humanitarian Integrative healthcare support to a suffering world. Full service with comprehensive Lab assessment offered in 46 States(We do not accept insurance).

We offer Integrative Medicine solutions including Clinical Naturopathic Medicine, Orthomolecular &  Nutritional Medicine, Homeopathic &
 Homotoxicology Medicine, Bioregulatory
 Medicine, Oriental & Chinese Medicine,
 Ayurvedic Medicine,  Integrative Pastoral Psychiatry & Clinical Pastoral
Counseling , Pastoral Medical Weight Loss,
 Therepuetic Manual Medicine, Holistic Spa &
 Relaxation services etc.

Our practitioners are experienced, boad certified and highly skilled in various areas of the Eastern healing arts, providing affordable Concierge Integrative & pastoral healthcare/pastoral counseling care...
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We use only evidence based Natural therapies. This includes CLIA Certified Laboratories for Comprehensive Wellness Assessments &  FDA cGMP, NSF Registered Natural Medicine Rx(Homeopathic, Botanical, Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine  Pharmacies). We do not use OTC(over the counter) supplements,Multi-level Marketing(MLM) supplements nor any other inferior supplements that doesn't meet or exceed Good Manufacturing Product requirements. We also do not support "false advertising" nor do we support the mis-representation or exaggeration of herbal healing properties. We adhere only to actual clinical studies for the specific Natural Rx we authorize for our patients/clients. This is what makes us stand out from the rest of the Natural holistic world, especially those who practice Non-Evidence based Psuedo-Holistic care


Integrative Support for        Anti-Aging

The most comprehensive assessment available! Clinical Functional Plasma Intracellular Analysis to reverse the aging effects!
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Optimal Sexual Health Support-Sexadon Rx 

Comprehensive support for optimal sexual health. Prostate, Uterine, Cervical etc...
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Natural Medicine RX for Ebola & Global Pandemic Solutions

Comprehensive support for optimal sexual health. Prostate, Uterine, Cervical etc...
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We have a successful effective track record of addressing numerous health imbalances & ailments. We provide integrative support for HSV I & II, HPV, Cervical Dysplasia(non surgical), Prostatitis, Prostate Cancer, Vaginitis, Uterine Fibroids, Breast Cancer, Diabetes, Thyroid, Obesity, Bi-polar & Mania disorders, chronic Anemia & Sickle Cell, nutritional deficency, Medical weight loss etc etc.....


CHY-Open Int'l University®- (Reg: Florida Dept of Education)Undergraduate & Post Graduate Certification, Diploma & Degree Programs, clinical skills and specialty certification programs in Integrative & Pastoral Medicine for healthcare professionals. Business & Leadership Training, Jewish Theological & Near Eastern Judaic Studies. read more
Pastoral Medical Institute for Sickle Cell & Thalassemia; Fetal Hemathal Rx- Redefining & understanding the origins, underlying cause and solutions to sickle cell & thalassemia using evidence based Talmudic Medicine. Seperating Thalassemia the human enhancement from Sickle Thalassemia the disease.. read more
Integrative Pastoral Medicine-Understand the foundations of ancient Judaic & biblical healthcare & the roots to western natural medical sciences thats being studied  & confirmed at major western medical universities as being evidence based. Also known as Eastern Talmudic Medicine. read more
Principles, Philosphy & Therapuetic Modalties of the Science of Pastoral Medicine & Integrative Family Life Care®- Understanding the Medical principles that comprise Pastoral Healthcare & the innovative 21st Century solution to primary healthcare, community wellness & pastoral mental health under faith based Kingdom  initiative  read more

We accept Galaxy Health Network Insurance Members.

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Womens Health & Jewish Law(HaLacha)
  • Valuable health information for cervical health and general wellness for women both Jewish and Gentile.
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Integrative Family Life Care®

Immunization & vaccination exemptions
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Un-registered herbal supplements as dangerous as pharmacueticals

Beware of un-safe, non-prescription online, Multi-level Marketing and in-store Herbal Supplements that can endanger your health. Read More!!           
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Integrative Medicine-evidence based knowledge

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