Achi Social NetworksⓇ by Edenic MediaⓇ

Achi-Social Network is a social networking publisher website where users can create their own profiles, post comments, share photographs, post links to news or other interesting content on the web, chat live, host live video conferencing & calls with other users using Google Hangouts, watch short-form video, create public or private groups, polls, business pages & more.

Achi-Social seeks to stand out in that, while it will be a paid service via a monthly or yearly donation access fee, it will foster a "freedom of speech without abuse" platform. While ASN seeks to promote a centrist view of social, political & religious freedom ideals, rest assured that there will be no political favoritism leading to censorship of posts & comments due to social, political & religious association. We want to foster an environment where people can express themselves according to their cultural, religious, academic and/or political ideals(as long as it does not violate our terms & conditions), interact, discuss & debate topics with each other (without the typical trolling or malicious behavior as is common on other social network platforms), connect with others of like mind to help discuss & bring about positive solutions to every day global issues. 

Our philosophy is a "Do & speak unto others, as you'd have them do & speak unto you". Achi is Hebrew-Aramaic for " my brother". We seek to promote the brotherhood & sisterhood of mankind by promoting respect for multi-culturalism, religious diversity & political differences. It is very possible to co-exist with differences & diversity. We are very Pro-Human Rights, yet we also believe in moral obligation which must co-exist alongside human rights. Thus we recognize that users have a right to challenge, disagree with and/or criticize human behavior deemed destructive in nature, according to their own religious & cultural values(within the framework of our Terms & Conditions), and have a right to not have identity politics forced upon them nor feel threatened for sharing their personal perspectives according the values & principles. 

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