Cushite(Ethiopian) Hebrew Yeshiva®        

Open International Institute for Near Eastern  Hebrew Studies & Eastern Medicine  

Hebrew Faith based Apprenticeship Training for Kingdom Leaders

Testament of the 12 Patriarchs-Testament of Levy 18:1-14; Enoch46:1-6; 48:1-11; 49:1-4; 50: 1-4; Enoch 51:1-5; 61:4-13;    


   Cushite Hebrew Yeshiva-Apprenticeship       Certification & Diploma Programs


Offering Technical, Associates, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate Level Apprenticeship Certifications

Note: Holistic Medical Tracts are in conjunction with the Edenic Light Institute for Humanitarian & Natural Medicine Clinics

      New Rabbinical-Netzarim Pastor Training program(for 
      Hebrews and gentiles)-More info coming soon
  • Certificate Womens & Infant Health Consultant for Healthcare Practitioners

  • Certificate of Mens Health Consultant for Healthcare practitioners

  • Certificate in Vegetarian and Culinary Arts(requires study, direct seminars and/or personal training sessions)

  • Certificate in Traditional Naturopathic Childbirth Education

  • Associate Certification in Holistic Health and Massage

  • Diploma- Natural Health Consultant(Pastoral)

  • Diploma-Naturopathic Pastoral Doula/Child Birth Education

  • Diploma/Bachelor Certification-Oriental Healing Massage & Holistic Physiotherapy(Pastoral)

  • Associate Certification In Clinical Pastoral Naturopathic Medical Assistant or Bachelor of Naturopathic Pastoral Physician Assistant(Direct Entry externship and/or Apprenticeship)-Eligible for the National Exam to be certified by the National Health Career Association-CCMA- click here for modules

The Eastern Medicines programs follow the same Intensive Curriculum for Basic Medical Sciences as the MD & Clinical  courses as the Naturopathic Physician. Except for the Bachelor of Ministry Certification, This apprenticeship is designed to create Physician level graduates

Click here for Basic Medical Sciences  Syllabus

  • Bachelor Certification of Holistic Health Sciences(basic Medical Sciences 2-3 years for Post Graduate Doctoral Studies)

  • Bachelor of Hebrew Mid-wifery & Natural Health(4 Year apprenticeship program 3 years midwifery, 1 year natural medicine))

  • Bachelor of Ministry in Traditional Oriental Medicine, Spagyric Homeopathic Medicine, Complementary Medicine or Traditional Naturopathic Physio-Therapy, Traditional Naturopathic Education

  • Doctorate Certification of Integrative Pastoral Medicine-with a focus in Naturopathic, Homeopathic, Integrative, Eastern or Natural Psychiatric Medicine-MD(IP) ,OMD(IP) HMD(IP), NMD(IP) or PMD(Psyc.), PMD(IM), PMD(Hom), PMD(Est), PMD(Nat) etc......

  • The Above Certification serves to be equivalent to all of the Professions below and will be worded based on Educational background in either Allopathic and Natural or Concentrated Natural Health & Clerical....

  • Doctorate Certification of Missionary Medicine-MD(M) or DMM

  • Doctorate Certification of Traditional Naturopathic Medicine/Natural Medicine & Missions -NMD(M), ND(M)or DNM

  • Doctorate Certification of Traditional Naturopathic Medicine and Professional Hebrew Midwifery(Direct Entry Apprenticeship)

  • Doctorate Certification of Integrative Medicine & Missions-IMD(M) or

  • Doctorate of Integrative Medicine and Professional Hebrew Midwifery(Direct Entry Apprenticeship)

  • Doctorate Certification of Homeopathic Medicine & Mission-HMD(M) or

  • Doctorate of Homeopathic Medicine and Professional Hebrew Midwifery(Direct Entry Apprenticeship)

  • Doctorate of Traditional Oriental Medicine & Missions OMD(M) or

  • Doctorate of Traditional Oriental Medicine and Professional Hebrew Midwifery(Direct Entry Apprenticeship)

  • Ministerial, Missionary Medicine Licensure/Board Certification as an “Integrative Family Life Care Physician or Practitioner ™, Integrative Pastoral Medicine/care Physican  or practitioner or Doctor of Medicine & Missions-DMM", Or Licensed Rophe'[for Jewish and Hebrew practitioners only]...

Doctorate Level Certification and Education in Natural Medicines require a mininum of 4,000 Hours of Education-  1000 Hours of Health Sciences; 200 Hours of Public Health, 1000 Hours of Clinical Internship/Apprenticeship/Externship; 2400 Hours of Natural Medicine and Diagnostic Courses and Ministerial training.

For Holistic Health Studies English, Mathematics and Psychology must be taken as required general studies(we recommend CLEP EXAM). High School Diploma is required to be on file. our goal is to supercede the educational requirements of NARM for Direct Entry Professional Mid-wifery training in order to qualify to take the NARM exam. More info will become available as we develop the Degree Programs.