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 Mizrahi Netzarim International Rabbinical Council® A Division of Ha' Yisrayli Torah Brith Yahad®

Debarim 16:18-20; 17:8-23; A legally constituted Ecclesiastical-Sacerdotal Jurisdiction & Legislative-Halachic Authority. Arbitration,  Family/Divorce & business conflict resolution Association. Establishing Justice, Justness  & Right Ruling for the Diaspora

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CHI® Mizrahi Netzarim International Rabbinical Council® Common Law/Religious Name Changes:

Jewish-Israelite people in the Diaspora sometimes give their children two names: a secular name for everyday use and a Hebrew name for religious purposes. Many converts to Judaism also take on hebrew names.

 The Mizrahi Netzarim Rabbinical Arbitration Board issues Religious name changes to those who are adherents to the Hebrew Torah Covenant, and have proof of either hebrew-Jewish Lineage or conversion. The Rabbinical Council can either issue a determination of Israelite-Jewish status prior to name change or accept such a ruling from another recognized Legal Rabbinical or Israelite Jurisdiction.

The name change can be used specifically for religious purposes or for complete name change under common law usage. A common law name (i.e. one assumed for a non-fraudulent purpose) is a legal name (e.g. State v. Ford, 172 P. 802; Bonnie Lee Daniels, 337 A.2d 49; Elizabeth Marie Hauptly 312 N.E.2d 857; Piotrowski v. Piotrowski, 247 N.W.2d 354; Thomas v. Thomas, 427 N.E.2d 1009; Klein v. Klein, 373 A.2d 86; Stuart v. Board of Elections, 295 A.2d 223);

Any fraudulent use or intent, such as changing one's name to the same name as another person's name, to avoid criminal prosecution, debt or to defraud any person or institution, may invalidate this type of name change & will incur fines. No persons who have committed any felonies or crimes related to fraud may apply to the Rabbinical Arbitration Board for a name change...
Rabbinical Arbitration Determination for Name Change: 85.00 Tithe