Cushite Hebrew Yeshiva              

Testament of the 12 Patriarchs-Testament of Levy 18:1-14; Enoch 46:1-6; 48:1-11; 49:1-4; 50: 1-4; Enoch 51:1-5; 61:4-13;   



Registration, Enrollment, Tuition,  and Policy Info

How do I get admitted to Cushite Hebrew Yeshiva?
  • It's easy. First, browse the Yeshiva website by using the menu on the side of the website to get your questions answered. 
  • Second, fill out the Yeshiva admission application and either submit it via e-mail, fax or as an e-mail attachment or print it out and mail it to us by regular mail.
  • Third, wait until you receive your official admission consultation E-mail from us. After consultation and review We will officially accept(or deny) anyone who is 18 or older, and your permanent file will be created in our office.
  • Fourth, your official admission E-mail from us will include your access codes and give you permission and instructions that will allow you  begin to enroll in any course or courses.

               Click here to Download Application for Admission

  • For Direct Entry Leadership or Medical Apprenticeship Training(Rabbi, Kohanim, Holistic Medicine etc), you are required to meet the minimum qualifications for acceptance, and find an approved Ordained Rabbi or Priest with a valid legal S'mikhah to register as your Apprentice Mentor and Preceptor(Moreh are not accepted).
  • For Holistic Medical Studies that require a Certification, you must find a Licensed or Registered Practicing Naturopathic, Homeopathic, Oriental Medicine Doctor or MD Physician to be your Preceptor for clinical training(For Naturopathic Hebrew Mid-Wifery, you must find a Licensed Professional Midwife preceptor). 
    • You must meet all health requirements, which includes but not limited to: not being obese or overweight, not have any major disease or illness due to self caused irresponsibility. must not have any physically noticeable blemishes, including any dermatological problems. Must be mentally and emotionally stable
    • Must have utilized Holistic Healthcare under a licensed or board certified Physician within the past year.
    • Must adhere to strict Ethic and moral principles at all times during appreticeship..
    • Must be of good moral and spiritual character and of good repute. Must not have any criminal background related to medical practice, fraud or any violent crimes(we will consider people on an individual bases)
  • That's it, you're officially a student in the Yeshiva!

Registration and application  $50.00 Tithe. Required(Non-refundable!!!) to receive evaluation

All requirements (evaluation and Pastoral Consultation Session) must be met before enrolling into the Yeshiva and recieving Talmidim ID#. (Please contact the Office for more info-678-909-4422)


An application to the Yeshiva must be received from each prospective student. The application will be reviewed and replied to within two weeks. All applications are received by e-mail if possible,  and a student should have an active e-mail account to apply for admission or to take specific courses (this can be waived with special permission). If possible, recent picture and a testimony of faith should be sent regular mail following the application.

Applications are kept strictly confidential. CHY Yeshiva has the right to deny any applicant enrollment, yet normally a student needs only to have graduated from High School and profess trust in YHWH and the have practiced the Hebrew culture for at least 1 year with a Hebrew Congregation(2 years for Rabbinical or Kohanim Training), to be approved for admission(see policy rules for admission into the Ministerial Training Program).

A $75.00 non-refundable application Tithe must be submitted with the application, either by Internet credit card payment or by Money Order through regular mail(No personal Checks accepted!!). We will set an appointment for either in-person pastoral consultation or phone Consultation and conduct a thorough background check as to the membership status at local congregation or community, moral and ethical quality/integrity and criminal/credit history. Once a student is notified by e-mail that they have been accepted for admission, they may then request to take courses according to their level of study and presently availability.

Note to prospective students: Because of the high volume of phone calls into our offices, it may be very difficult to get through to us by telephone. All prospects are best served through inquiry by e-mail. Yet, you are welcome to attempt to call us at 678-909-4422/678-592-7289.

Note: Due to our strict protocol on each student maintaining acceptable health standards during the duration of the course, and also to maintain licensures under the Pastoral Medicine Certification Board, each student is required to get a Comprehensive Health Screening through Edenic Light Integrative Family Life Care(No Exceptions) prior to enrollment and acceptance into the Yeshiva and must maintain a bi-annual health screening during the entire duration of the course. 

Click here to download Application

We will offer other options for Non-Ministerial  Diploma Study Courses in the Future as we grow and develop appropriate Courses!!!

 We have two ways in order to enroll in the  Current Courses.

NOTE: We currently offer a Program Entrance Monthly Subscription  Fee of a flat 175.00 per Month Tithe for Tuition that lasts during the entire duration of your studies(does not include books or other material in some classes. Some Classes come with CDs, DVDs Etc. Student is responsible for purchasing all required texts).

There is a Non-refundable Tithe Down payment for Each Program Course

Diploma Program (i.e. Natural Health)-300.00 Tithe  NR Down Payment

Associates Program (i.e Medical Assistant): 500.00  Tithe NR Down Payment

All Bachelor/Master/Doctoral Program 1000.00 Tithe NR Payment

Post Graduate Specialty Training-500.00 per specialty Tithe NR Payment

Post Graduate Combined Specialty(Multiple) Training-800.00 per Specialty Tithe NR Payment

   Click here to Download Application for Admission

Application & Tuition Down Payments(Non Refundable)

Below is our usual normal tuition

Diploma, Certificate or Degree Study Programs -Tuition/Tithe: $75.00 Tithe per credit hour. For Ministerial Bachlelor/Masters dual degree 55.00 tithe per credit hour. For Non-Ordination Post Graduate Diploma of Essene Theology 80.00 per Credit Hour. Holistic Medical Studies and Midwifery programs, 85.00 per credit hour.

2. Audit Course (non-credit adult education) does not qualify towards Degree, Ministerial Training Credit or any Diploma Courses, unless all additional fee's per course are paid... $55.00 tithe per audit  course.. Degree and Diploma programs, a 65.00 tuition donation per Credit Hour taken must be paid(with approval only)...


Associates(2 years)- 1000.00-1500.00

Bachelor Programs(4 years) 6000.00-8000.00(preceptor fees vary)

Masters(2 Year)-2500.00-4500.00

Doctorate Programs(5-7 years) are 12,000.00 College Tuition and up to 8,000 for Preceptor and Clinical Skills/Intensives (20,000.00)

You can save by using the Subscription Entrance Plan.

All Talmidim are responsible for the purchase of textbooks and materials required to be used for Course (when required). All Books can be purchased in the Student Bookstore


  • REACTIVATION Tithe = $75.00
    (4 courses enrolled in each year required to stay active)
    (purchase them with us or wherever convenient)
  • GRADUATION Tithe = $150.00
    (waived if the student takes 30 credits in one year)
  • OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT = $55.00 Tithe
  • Graduation Dissertation Evaluation 100.00 Tithe

Pay fees by credit card or electronic check at :


When a student sends a request to enroll in a course, payment for tuition-Tithe must accompany the request. Course materials will then be sent to the student. The tuition Tithe for each regular credit  depends on the number of credits ordered.  Tuition-Tithes includes any supplementary materials and tests, but does not include textbooks or videos.



Each student must have access to the required textbook(s) for each course they take. Students may buy their textbooks wherever and whenever it is convenient for them.  Some books may be purchased from our SITE or affiliates. Some book order links are listed with courses. Courses and books need not be obtained at the same time. Some courses have textbooks that may be downloaded free online.


When a student is near completion of all academic requirements he/she may apply for graduation by sending in the $150.00 graduation Tithe. A student completing the requirements for graduation will receive the certificate of degree comenserate with his/her level of study. Local commencement exercises are scheduled for each spring if enough students qualify for graduation and plan to attend. The graduating student is invited to attend commencement, but is not required to attend in order to obtain the degree.

         (All Tithe requirements are subject to change without notice)

CHY is a the Educational Institute of the Ha' Yisrayli Torah Brith Yahad, a Unincorporated Non-profit religious association in Florida and Georgia.
Legally constituted & operated under the State of Georgia Exemption for Religious Institutes GA §20-3-250. 3

CHY Yeshiva is solely instituted to provide religious, cultural, Ethnic traditional training and theological education. The certificates, diplomas and degrees of CHY Yeshiva are awarded only for religious and cultural purposes and worded and titled plainly to indicate it.

Cushite Hebrew Yeshiva does not discriminate against students on the basis of sex, race, color, or national or ethnic origin. However we reserve the right to refuse admission to any student for any reason we deem for just cause in relationship to our Charters religious ideals and goals as per the Ha' Yisrayli Torah Brith Yahad.

CHY Tuition-tithes, fees and book charges are non-refundable. Non-completed courses may be traded for good cause, credit for credit within 21 days. The Yeshiva may restrict multiple or frequent trades. Required courses for those seeking a degree may NOT be traded. Any funds received from lending institutions (i.e. Sallie Mae) on behalf of a student are non-refundable, non-returnable either to the student or the lending institution. Attempt to withdraw from the school or failure to complete coursework shall not release a student's obligation to repay student loans (i.e. Sallie Mae) or any other outstanding charges.

Grades and Grade Point Averages
Each course taken at CHY Yeshiva is given a final grade and assigned as follows:
Grade              Significance                      Points Awarded
A                       Excellent                             4.00
B                       Good                                   3.00
C                       Average                              2.00
D                       Passing                               1.00
F                        Failure                                0.00

Students may repeat a course in order to earn a higher or passing grade. Courses may be repeated only once. The credits will be counted only once, and the grade earned the second time will supersede the earlier grade.

Requirements For Good Standing
To remain in good standing with CHY Yeshiva, a student must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of a "C" (2.00 G.P.A.) on all course work taken through CHY Yeshiva. For Ordination and licensing purposes, Talmidim must maintain a B GPA..

Academic Probation
CHY Yeshiva professors will provide counseling for any student who recieves a grade of or below a "C" (2.00) on any course work. Students who fail to earn a 2.00 grade point average will be placed on academic probation for the next 12 credits of study. A student must achieve a 2.00 grade point average by the time those 12 credits are completed.

CHY Yeshiva reserves the right to remove from admission any student found to have given fraudulent information on their admission application or who flagrantly disregards the policy of CHY Yeshiva.

A student may withdraw from the Yeshiva at any time by written postal letter. However the withdrawal will not be accepted unless answered by an official letter from the school. The Yeshiva reserves the right to deny a withdrawal if there are outstanding issues with a student including, in the case that a Sallie Mae loan remains unpaid and coursework is not finished. Somewhere in their correspondence they must include their mother's maiden name for identification. Once a student has been either removed or resigned they may not access the password protected areas of the web site.

It is the practice of CHY Yeshiva to hold all records of students in confidence. Detailed information about any student will not be released to a third party without the express written consent of the student. CHY Yeshiva reserves the right to publically post a roster of students' names, their academic goals, their state or provincial living areas, the courses taken, and their general status in the Yeshiva. No course grades will be publically posted.

CHY Yeshiva may contact Yeshiva students using either e-mail, postal mail, or telephone as the case may be. Contacts may be made only by authorized officials of the Yeshiva and for the purposes only of Yeshiva business. The e-mail list of the student body is the sole property of CHY Yeshiva. Forwarding of e-mail, reverse-engineering, copying the Yeshiva e-mail list or any other use of the e-mail list by anyone other than the CHY Yeshiva officers is prohibited. No student may contact another student by any means without the express consent of the student to be contacted.

All CHYYeshiva course workbooks and materials are Copyright © 1999-2009 by Ha' Yisrayli Torah Brith Yahad with all rights reserved, except as explained herein. Our course workbooks and materials may not be used for any other purpose than credit study in CHY Yeshiva. Students may copy course workbooks and materials only for their personal use in completing course work. Any other use or duplication of CHYYeshiva course workbooks, Audio and materials is a violation of copyright laws.

CHY Yeshiva reserves the right to change fees without notice. Courses, requirements or any policies may be changed with posting on this site.

CHY Yeshiva makes no claims, promises or implied warranty regarding the value of our services, whether for training, vocational preparation, job attainment or academic accreditation. It is up to the student to determine the validity of credits earned through CHY Yeshiva courses. Each academic institution and/or each state determines their own guidelines for transferrable credits. CHY Yeshiva cannot determine whether or not a given school will recognize Yeshiva credits. The only contract, and no other implied, which CHY Yeshiva enters into with the student, is to provide transcripted course credit for tuition paid. Student enrollment automatically subjects student to the rules, codes and regulations of the Yeshiva and governing body of the Yeshiva during the entire Yeshiva enrollment. By applying to CHY Yeshiva the student agrees to hold CHY Yeshiva blameless and not liable for failing any possible expectation of the student concerning participation in CHY Yeshiva. Any complaints or grievances against the Yeshiva must be proceeded in accordance to the Articles of Association Chapter 8, Hold Harmless and Indemnity/Judicial and Arbitration agreement and section C8.2(b) and  section c17:26-Arbitration-African Edenic Rab' Beth Din.  Any student who submits an application for admission to CHY Yeshiva agrees to the policy of the Yeshiva as listed here.